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UK schools are ready to plunge into tablets computer market

There are clear signs that UK schools are preparing to plunge into the tablets market - but will it be the Apple iPad (or Mini), Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface or something else that emerges on top?

Headteachers will be largely swayed by cost, of course, and this is where Apple may lose out. iPads and iPad Minis offer a creative edge but they’re not the cheapest tablets around which is all-important when ‘cost is king’ with school administrators.

New figures show Samsung has taken a bite out of Apple’s market share - but it may be the Kindle Fire HD that sneaks through as a favourite with schools, especially with the added appeal of Whispercast.

Gizmag and TopTenReviews took comparison reviews of popular tablets, putting specifications and price tags under the spotlight.

There’s also an interesting one-to-one comparison of the Kindle Fire HD and iPad Minis by TabletXRay.

According to PC Pro the schools tablet market is growing fast, potentially doubling each year. This year it is estimated that UK schools will spend up to £100m on around 200,000 tablets. That’s big business.

Of course, exposing children to a brand as part of their learning journey has long-term potential benefits. Once you Mac you don’t go back...and all that.

Posted by Peter Harvey: Sunday 03rd February 2013