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Technology: Samsung bite into Apple's market share in tablets battle

The unveiling of the Apple iPad exactly three years ago got a mixed reception. Bridging the gap between a phone and a laptop seemed unnecessary to some.

BBC technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones was among media commentators who questioned Apple’s wisdom.

He said: “The big question is whether Steve Jobs is right in thinking there's a yawning gap between smartphones and netbooks which the iPad will fill.

“It's not entirely clear if a huge number of people - apart from dedicated early adopters - are desperate for yet another device.”

They were. Apple are good at spotting emerging gaps in the market.

At the launch on 27th January 2010 in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "It's the best browsing experience you've ever had - it's phenomenal...way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone."

After a storming head start by Apple latest figures by research firm IDC show that rivals Samsung with their Galaxy is gaining ground fast - 7.9 millions units sold compared to 2.2 million units a year ago.

Market share is also swinging Samsung's way although at 15% it has some way to go to eclipse Apple's 44%.

Could it be that by 2015 Samsung could overtake Apple in the tablet market share?

VIDEO: Steve Jobs talks about the new Apple iPad at its launch in 2010 (via ITN News)

Posted by Peter Harvey: Friday 01st February 2013