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Prospectus videos: simple, effective schools marketing

A video can showcase a school better than any brochure, photo gallery or website.

It’s affordable, effective and it will create a buzz for your school. It may even win you ‘street cred’ with the pupils!

The video can be used online via the website or social media. Or you can produce copies for stakeholders, the local community and future parents.

Look at how much we crammed into this three-minute video...

Great Crosby Catholic Primary School: What makes it so special? from Tick Media on Vimeo.

Tick Media works with schools to:

Child consent issues are a priority. Even though only first names of pupils are used, no videos is put online prior to approval from the school.

Filming is great fun for pupils and staff. Have a bit of fun too with a red carpet premiere, perhaps during assembly or as part of a school event.

Videos can be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, and embedded on your school website or social media accounts - spreading the word about how good your school is.

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Posted by Peter Harvey: Friday 10th January 2014