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Snapchat in $3bn takeover bid by Facebook

If you need to ask what Snapchat is you’re probably not as groovy as you used to be. Right?

The mobile app stands out from the crowd because it deletes photos sent between users within a few seconds - providing a fleeting, teasing snapshot.

That debilitating feeling of helplessness that pressing ‘send’ to set free a story or photo is gone. No more regrets over leaving a digital thumbprint. If only some tweets had in-built self destruction?

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel labels the concept as 'ephemeral media.'

Spiegel is all of 23 and he’s already rebuffing offers of $3bn, according to the BBC . 

Snapchat is certainly today's currency of schoolchildren, so it will be fascinating to see how schools here or more likely in the US try to muscle in. Or for now, is it a territory best left to the hipsters?

Posted by Peter Harvey: Thursday 14th November 2013