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Microsoft up stakes in UK schools tablet battle with £133 Surface RT

Microsoft is slashing prices - short term at least - in a bid to bite into Apple’s current dominance in the UK education market.

As we reported a while back the tablets market in UK schools is hotting up  with £100m expected to be spent in 2013. This figure will spiral over the next few years as tablets become essential in all schools.

Microsoft have announced ‘special pricing’ of as little as £133 + VAT for Surface RT (32 GB) exclusively for schools and colleges.

The Microsoft UK Schools Blog  states:

“Microsoft is pleased to offer special pricing on Surface RT directly to schools and universities for a limited time between 19th June 2013 and 31st August 2013. Our mission in education is to help schools and universities, students and educators realise their full potential.

“One way we do this is by offering software, hardware and services at affordable prices to education institutions. Surface RT is a terrific tool for teaching and learning and we want students and educators to have the best technology on the market today.”

Posted by Peter Harvey: Saturday 29th June 2013