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Schools: Is it time to grow your own Incredible Edible future?

Pam Warhurst is a key player in Incredible Edible  - a 'guerrilla gardening' movement originally from Todmorden, Yorkshire.

She believes that we can grow better communities with simple acts, mostly involving a trowel and a packet of seeds.

Schools are part of the project, especially those prepared to open up their grounds and their curriculums. Spin-offs for schools also include PR and marketing opportunities.

Pam gave a talk at TEDSalon London (2012) - see below. As talks go it’s right up there with the best. Direct. Fun. Enlightening. Inspirational. Take a look. It will be 13 minutes well spent.

P.S. On a similar-ish theme the Daily Telegraph  turned the spotlight on the popularity of school farms inspired by TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver.

Posted by Peter Harvey: Wednesday 06th February 2013