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World War 1: Aintree and Melling

Tick Media worked with schools across Aintree and Melling, Merseyside, on a special project to commemorate those men from the community killed in the Great War. Find out more about the Heritage Lotte...

- Friday 28th April 2017


Golden Memories at Summerhill

Tick Media made a video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Summerhill Primary School, Maghull, Merseyside, as part of our marketing work on the Heritage Lottery Fund project. Fields of Green - Sum...

- Friday 28th April 2017


Fresh and cost effective ways to showcase YOUR school with Tick Media

Take a look at some of Tick Media's publications and videos on our Issuu and Vimeo sites. Tick Media creates innovative, fresh marketing solutions for schools. Along with our other products and...

- Monday 07th September 2015


Royal Ballet School honour for Crosby-based Procter Dance Academy

CLIENT NEWS: Three dancers from Crosby have been picked for specialist coaching by The Royal Ballet School. Oliver Cowin, 10, Noah Finnigan, 9, and Valentina Sanna, 9, were chosen from hundreds o...

- Friday 10th July 2015


Lessons UK schools can learn from Ken Robinson and Mary Tyler Moore

Like many elite thinkers, Ken Robinson is a scouser. You may have heard of him. If not, and if you have 18 minutes to spare, google ‘Ken Robinson Ted talk.’ I did. His views on education, creativ...

- Tuesday 08th April 2014


School Guide: St John's Primary School, Southport


- Friday 21st March 2014


Prospectus videos: simple, effective schools marketing

A video can showcase a school better than any brochure, photo gallery or website. It’s affordable, effective and it will create a buzz for your school. It may even win you ‘street cred’ w...

- Friday 10th January 2014


Snapchat in $3bn takeover bid by Facebook

If you need to ask what Snapchat is you’re probably not as groovy as you used to be. Right? The mobile app stands out from the crowd because it deletes photos sent between users within a few se...

- Thursday 14th November 2013


Can NAHT schools inspection scheme teach Ofsted a lesson?

Headteachers get twitchy as the clock hands tick towards midday. It’s not the lunch bell that fills them with anxiety, it is the spectre of a phone call from Ofsted warning of a visit the next day...

- Friday 23rd August 2013


VIDEO: What is Twitter? (A basic guide to the world of tweeting)

Schools are catching on to the benefits of Twitter. This video from Explania is pretty basic (well, very actually) but it's ideal if you are starting from scratch but are too shy t...

- Wednesday 03rd July 2013


VIDEO: Anne Frank exhibition tours UK schools

The Anne Frank Trust aims to challenge prejudice and reduce hatred by drawing on the power of Anne Frank's life and diary. The exhibition 'A History for Today' tours UK schools telling the story of 1...

- Monday 01st July 2013


VIDEO: Waterloo Partnership - supporting Waterloo, Sierra Leone

The Waterloo Partnership works with schools to help improve lives in Sierra Leone - here's a video by Tick Media giving a snapshot of the charity. WP from Tick Media on Vimeo. ...

- Monday 01st July 2013


Microsoft up stakes in UK schools tablet battle with £133 Surface RT

Microsoft is slashing prices - short term at least - in a bid to bite into Apple’s current dominance in the UK education market. As we reported a while back the tablets market in UK scho...

- Saturday 29th June 2013


Chalk and talk is over - it’s now Apple iPads for every pupil

The story of the Essa Academy , Bolton, is a remarkable one. From an uninspiring curriculum in rundown surroundings, the school has transformed itself - albeit at significant expense - to a ...

- Wednesday 22nd May 2013


Schools population 'experts' got their numbers wrong

It was only a decade ago that LEAs were being ordered to close and/or merge UK primary schools because of a forecasted drop in the birth rate. It caused considerable heartache for communities and the...

- Friday 15th March 2013


Schools: Is it time to grow your own Incredible Edible future?

Pam Warhurst is a key player in Incredible Edible  - a 'guerrilla gardening' movement originally from Todmorden, Yorkshire. She believes that we can grow better communities with si...

- Wednesday 06th February 2013


Technology: CEOP is leading the online battle against the changing habits of child abusers

Children are being groomed over the internet for online sexual abuse rather than for face-to-face meetings, new research shows. This is no surprise as the risks of physical abusers getting caught...

- Tuesday 05th February 2013


UK schools are ready to plunge into tablets computer market

There are clear signs that UK schools are preparing to plunge into the tablets market - but will it be the Apple iPad (or Mini), Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface or something el...

- Sunday 03rd February 2013


Technology: Samsung bite into Apple's market share in tablets battle

The unveiling of the Apple iPad exactly three years ago got a mixed reception. Bridging the gap between a phone and a laptop seemed unnecessary to some. BBC technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones ...

- Friday 01st February 2013


Watch out for the Twitter 'blue tick trick'

A blue tick is a must-have for 'official' Twitter accounts it would seem. But watch out! The sought after 'verfied' symbol on some accounts (and there are 500 million Twitter accounts out there) may n...

- Thursday 31st January 2013


Media pounces on 'social segregation' in academy schools

Journalists love stories about social divides - especially when there is academic research to support the claims. So it was inevitable that publication of the Academies Commission's new report (10th ...

- Thursday 10th January 2013


Olympics 2012 - 'Isles of Wonder' ceremony a triumph of Britishness

Confession time. I feared for Frank Cottrell Boyce and his involvement with the Olympic Games. From what I knew of both they seemed at odds. Light and shade. Generosity and greed. After all, the...

- Tuesday 11th December 2012